It does not.  Under the emergency regulations, school districts, actually all commercial building operators, are required to be in compliance by June 27, 2016.  In order to do that, you simply have to comply with the regulations, so we are providing significant guidance to help districts to do that.  There is no obligation either to hire a licensed professional or submit a project to Facilities Planning.  You may use the guidance we’re developing and comply with the regulations.  

However, because this is short notice, so to speak, and the emergency regulations was passed after districts completed the budgeting process for this current year, you are unable to include this cost in your budgets.  So what we have said is that if districts choose to submit a project to Facilities Planning and if your costs exceed $10,000 because that is the threshold and law, then we can pay building aid  to help you offset the cost of compliance;  it is not necessary, but if that is of importance to you, then that can be done.

~ Carl Thurnau, P.E., NYSED's Office of Facilities Planning Coordinator, January 20, 2016